[2 Samuel 19] Servitude of the Weak

Dong Kim
2022-10-21 14:58
Friday, October 21

2 Samuel 19:16-39
  • 16And Shimei the son of Gera, the Benjaminite, from Bahurim, hurried to come down with the men of Judah to meet King David.
  • 17And with him were a thousand men from Benjamin. And Ziba the servant of the house of Saul, with his fifteen sons and his twenty servants, rushed down to the Jordan before the king,
  • 18and they crossed the ford to bring over the king's household and to do his pleasure. And Shimei the son of Gera fell down before the king, as he was about to cross the Jordan,
  • 19and said to the king, "Let not my lord hold me guilty or remember how your servant did wrong on the day my lord the king left Jerusalem. Do not let the king take it to heart.
  • 20For your servant knows that I have sinned. Therefore, behold, I have come this day, the first of all the house of Joseph to come down to meet my lord the king."
  • 21Abishai the son of Zeruiah answered, "Shall not Shimei be put to death for this, because he cursed the LORD's anointed?"
  • 22But David said, "What have I to do with you, you sons of Zeruiah, that you should this day be as an adversary to me? Shall anyone be put to death in Israel this day? For do I not know that I am this day king over Israel?"
  • 23And the king said to Shimei, "You shall not die." And the king gave him his oath.
  • 24And Mephibosheth the son of Saul came down to meet the king. He had neither taken care of his feet nor trimmed his beard nor washed his clothes, from the day the king departed until the day he came back in safety.
  • 25And when he came to Jerusalem to meet the king, the king said to him, "Why did you not go with me, Mephibosheth?"
  • 26He answered, "My lord, O king, my servant deceived me, for your servant said to him, 'I will saddle a donkey for myself, that I may ride on it and go with the king.' For your servant is lame.
  • 27He has slandered your servant to my lord the king. But my lord the king is like the angel of God; do therefore what seems good to you.
  • 28For all my father's house were but men doomed to death before my lord the king, but you set your servant among those who eat at your table. What further right have I, then, to cry to the king?"
  • 29And the king said to him, "Why speak any more of your affairs? I have decided: you and Ziba shall divide the land."
  • 30And Mephibosheth said to the king, "Oh, let him take it all, since my lord the king has come safely home."
  • 31Now Barzillai the Gileadite had come down from Rogelim, and he went on with the king to the Jordan, to escort him over the Jordan.
  • 32Barzillai was a very aged man, eighty years old. He had provided the king with food while he stayed at Mahanaim, for he was a very wealthy man.
  • 33And the king said to Barzillai, "Come over with me, and I will provide for you with me in Jerusalem."
  • 34But Barzillai said to the king, "How many years have I still to live, that I should go up with the king to Jerusalem?
  • 35I am this day eighty years old. Can I discern what is pleasant and what is not? Can your servant taste what he eats or what he drinks? Can I still listen to the voice of singing men and singing women? Why then should your servant be an added burden to my lord the king?
  • 36Your servant will go a little way over the Jordan with the king. Why should the king repay me with such a reward?
  • 37Please let your servant return, that I may die in my own city near the grave of my father and my mother. But here is your servant Chimham. Let him go over with my lord the king, and do for him whatever seems good to you."
  • 38And the king answered, "Chimham shall go over with me, and I will do for him whatever seems good to you, and all that you desire of me I will do for you."
  • 39Then all the people went over the Jordan, and the king went over. And the king kissed Barzillai and blessed him, and he returned to his own home.
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